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Monmouth Beach Dysarthria Speech Therapy

Monmouth Beach Dysarthria Speech Therapy medical speech pathology segment block 300x199When we talk, we utilize a lot of muscles to get everything working. Some of the muscles we use include our face, throat, tongue, and lips, as well as our breathing muscles. However, if our muscles are weak in these areas, we will likely be unable to speak and share what’s on our minds.

If your muscles are weak in these key areas, you may be suffering from dysarthria. This speech disorder occurs when your muscles become weak because of brain damage. Dysarthria can be either mild or severe, depending on the severity of the damage in your brain. If you have this disorder, it will be hard for you to make the right words to say to people, and you will have problems understanding them as well.

At Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, we can determine what treatment you will require to get past your dysarthria and make sure that you get the proper treatment based on your condition. Our licensed speech pathologists will make sure that you are aware of how the process will go to alleviate all your worries. We can even do the treatment wherever you may be in Monmouth Beach so that it will be much more comfortable for you.

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Signs and Causes of Dysarthria

Traumatic Brain Injury TherapistBrain damage is the major reason why a person can get dysarthria. It can happen at birth or after getting sick or injured. Other disorders or complications that can cause brain disorders can also cause dysarthria, such as:

1. Stroke
2. Brain injury
3. Parkinson’s disease
4. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
5. Multiple sclerosis
6. Cerebral palsy
7. Muscular dystrophy
8. Huntington’s disease
9. Tumor

You will know that you or someone you know has dysarthria if they display signs such as:

1. Mumbled or slurred speech that is hard to understand
2. Talk too fast or talk too slow
3. Speaking softly
4. Not being able to move your tongue, lips, and jaw that properly
5. The voice you make sounds choppy or robotic
6. Sound hoarse or breathy

Testing for Dysarthria

senior speech pathologyIf you or someone you know is experiencing these signs, you need to go to a doctor immediately to get tested. Leaving dysarthria alone can be dangerous and can affect your overall recovery.

In this case, you need to go to a trusted speech-language pathologist, such as us here at Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, to get tested. The SLP will check your speech and language skills, as well as your breathing and muscle movement. Once the tests are finished, you will know from them if you have dysarthria or another speech disorder.

Here at Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, our licensed SLPs will explain what you need to know about your condition so that you will not worry about your treatment. We take our time in assessing your condition and then tweaking the sessions to fit your needs perfectly. From start to finish, we will be with you so you can grow confident in your skills and feel better at the same time.

Treatment for Dysarthria

Monmouth Beach Dysarthria Speech Therapy adult speech pathology segment block 300x199With the help of licensed SLPs, patients with dysarthria will be given a treatment based on how severe their situation is and what type of dysarthria they have. Some of the things that can be worked on for patients with dysarthria include:

1. Slowing down your speech speed
2. Improving your breath to be able to speak louder
3. Strengthening mouth muscles
4. Lip and tongue exercises
5. Speech therapy
6. Augmentative and alternative communication

As your dedicated Monmouth Beach, NJ speech pathologist, we make sure that the treatment we will provide you for dysarthria is perfect for your needs. We make it our goal to make sure all the barriers that may stop you from getting the best treatment is removed and make it easier to avail it. We offer outpatient speech therapy sessions to speech teletherapy to suit your needs.

Experienced Medical Speech Pathologist

Robert Kevlin, speech pathologistRobert Kevlin, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD® CERTIFIED founded Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC to accommodate those who need help and assistance with their language, speech, and vocal skills.

For the past ten years, Robert Kevlin has been awarded by several distinguished bodies for his commitment to helping others with their different speech concerns. He also constantly gets involved in the latest research and discussion about speech therapies. He is also a talented voice artist, gracing radio, television, and theatre.

Robert Kevlin constantly works with experts in the field of speech pathology to develop the best treatments possible and also get the respect of his peers with his dedication. He also went through training to see other perspectives that can be studied when sorting out treatments, enabling him to become one of the most trusted leaders in speech pathology in Monmouth Beach and the country.

If you want an experienced, dedicated, and motivated speech pathologist who can guide you through your treatments and help you get your voice back, Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC is definitely for you.

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Monmouth Beach Dysarthria Speech Therapy neuro logo 300x45If your child or yourself is suffering from dysarthria, don’t wait any longer to get them treated. Let our Monmouth Beach-based and licensed medical speech pathologists check the situation and provide the right type of treatment to get them back into track. Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC is also ready to do the therapy wherever it is more comfortable for the patient: whether at home or the clinic.

Reach out to our talented and highly experienced team today to help you get the treatment you deserve and help you get your confidence back thanks to our customized treatments.

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