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Belford Multiple Sclerosis Speech Therapy

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects many adults and disrupts their lives immensely. The disorder causes them to have swallowing and speech difficulties among all else because it damages the brain and spinal cord that control body movements.

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Fortunately, these speech difficulties can be moderated with the help of speech therapy, and if you need one for you or your loved one who has MS, you should approach Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC for help. Our Belford speech pathology clinic is ready to assist you with your speech and language difficulties using personalized treatments that will work for your condition.

We also take pride in providing home and virtual therapy sessions for patients who cannot or find it overwhelming to do clinic visits. No matter what condition you have or how severe it is, our licensed speech pathologists are always ready to help.

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Speech Difficulties Affecting People with Multiple Sclerosis

Traumatic Brain Injury TherapistThere are various speech difficulties that can be experienced by people with multiple sclerosis. Here are some of them:

1. Dysarthria – a motor speech disorder that causes slurred or slow speech, monotone voice control, and altered speaking.

2. Dysphonia – causes changes in voice quality, making it seem harsh or produce an irregular pitch.

3. Dysphasia – a language disorder that disables patients to understand spoken language, recall terms, or use the right words to express themselves. It usually occurs when cognitive issues affect one’s memory and thinking skills.

Patients also experience fatigue, occasional or severe tremors, and spasticity due to the medications or treatments used for their condition.

Best Belford Speech Therapy

Considering the type of speech difficulty patients with MS experience, speech therapy can help by improving one’s oral speech and strengthening facial muscles for better breathing, swallowing, improved language skills, and other activities that require facial movement.

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Usually, speech therapy is added to a patient’s multiple sclerosis treatment plan if he has problems talking or swallowing. The treatment plan also adjusts speech therapy based on the symptoms displayed by the patient.

Upon reaching out to us, we will work with your doctor to devise the best multiple sclerosis speech therapy plan that works for your condition. We will look into the issues you are experiencing and structure the speech therapy that will be beneficial to you. We can conduct these Belford speech therapies in our clinic, online, or at your home. As you progress, we will adjust the therapy accordingly to match your improvement and current condition.

Speech Therapy Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

If you plan to book a speech therapy session with us for your multiple sclerosis, here are some of the speech therapy exercises you can expect:

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1. Oral muscle strengthening exercises
2. Voice regulation and articulation exercises
3. Breathing exercises
4. Pronunciation exercises and non-verbal movement exercises
5. Usage of alternative communication devices such as voice amplifiers and partner-assisted scanning

Our Belford, NJ team at Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC is licensed to help you perform these exercises and explain how they work. We also take into account which exercises are most comfortable and effective for you. We answer any questions that you may have about speech therapy and provide assistance to private nurses, caregivers, or family members to sustain the therapy sessions.

Trusted Speech Pathologist in Belford

Robert Kevlin, speech pathologistIf you want to get high-quality and dedicated speech pathologist services, you won’t go wrong with Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC.

Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC was established by the renowned Belford speech pathologist, Robert Kevlin, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD® CERTIFIED. He established the clinic to help people of all ages receive the best speech pathology services that they need. He believes that getting access to these services will help patients live their lives as best as they can despite their health condition.

Robert is a highly known person across the state as he is very involved in speech pathology research and development. He also regularly collaborates with speech pathology experts to improve existing techniques that can help patients receive the best treatments for their speech dilemmas. People also recognize him outside of the clinic because he also works as a voice artist for various shows throughout the years.

If you need speech pathology services for you or your loved ones, our service will put your heart at ease because we will be with you throughout the therapy sessions.

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Belford Multiple Sclerosis Speech Therapy neuro logo 300x45Speech therapy helps patients with multiple sclerosis find ways to get past their complications and live without worries. Approach the best speech pathologists in the area if you want your therapy sessions to work efficiently!

Call Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, a reputable Belford speech pathology clinic, for we are always ready to help, and provide you with the best therapy sessions that you can trust.

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