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Rumson Swallowing Therapy

speech therapyFor people suffering from speech and language problems, speech and language pathologists will recommend several therapies and exercises to alleviate them and assist patients in getting back their voice or strengthen their muscles. One of the therapies that can be recommended is swallowing therapy.

Swallowing therapy varies depending on the condition of the patient’s speech and language problem. Usually, this is recommended to help those with dysphagia and allow them to swallow more easily despite their condition.

At Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, our licensed speech and language therapists will assess your condition wherever you may be in Rumson through teletherapy or when you visit our clinic. During the assessment, we will do our best to explain how the therapies will help with your condition and make it as comfortable as possible. We also personalize our therapies to work well for your age, condition, and capabilities.

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Examples of Swallowing Exercises

Rumson Swallowing Therapy medical speech pathology segment block 300x199Swallowing exercises are essential for patients suffering from dysphagia and other neurological disorders because it allows them to prevent the chances of choking and developing aspiration pneumonia. It can also help improve their weak and uncoordinated muscles by strengthening them, making it possible to swallow easily.

Depending on your situation, some of the swallowing exercises that you may be given include:

1. Shaker exercise – Improves your nerve muscles and increases your capacity to swallow
2. Hyoid lift maneuver – Strengthens the swallowing muscles and improves control
3. Effortful Swallow – Improves the movement and coordination of muscles used for swallowing
4. Supraglottic Swallow – boosts your capacity to swallow the food you eat
5. Super Supraglottic Swallow Technique – Improves swallowing food and strengthens your swallowing muscles

Our Rumson-based team of speech and language pathologists can assess your condition and recommend the right type of swallowing exercise for your situation. We can also guide you through the therapy so that you understand how they work and be at ease while doing it.

Therapy Options Available

Rumson Swallowing Therapy speech therapy segment block 300x199As a trusted medical speech pathology clinic, it is our goal to help everyone get the right speech therapy they need for their condition. We make sure that clients will get the proper treatment without any barriers stopping them from getting it. We can do your treatments at our clinic or do speech teletherapy.

Some of our therapy options include the following:
1. Outpatient speech therapy
2. In-home speech therapy
3. Virtual speech therapy
4. Combined therapy

We understand that not everyone can visit our clinic, and it is possible that the patient may not find it comfortable even if they are getting treatment. Your schedule may also be a problem, which is why you can switch to the right treatment option that matches your needs. Whenever and wherever you need it, we can deliver.

Licensed and Trusted Medical Speech Pathologist

Robert Kevlin, speech pathologistRobert Kevlin, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD® CERTIFIED is known in Rumson, NJ for being one of the best medical speech pathologists in the state.

Since he started in the industry, he has assisted people of all ages and helped them get past their speech disorders. Robert Kevlin is also known in the circuit for being a vocal artist, gracing the stage, screen and airwaves.

Robert Kevlin is dedicated to creating personalized treatments for people with language and speech disabilities. He has been working with the best in the field to understand more about language and speech therapy and find ways to improve it for everyone. This has led many to recognize his contributions to the field and help with his brand’s success.

With Robert Kevlin and his Rumson-based team of speech pathologists, you can find the right solutions for any speech disorder or problem you or your loved ones are experiencing.

Free Consultation Today

Rumson Swallowing Therapy neuro logo 300x45Getting the right swallowing therapy for your speech or language problem shouldn’t be difficult if you know where to go. In Rumson, Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC is the best place to get the best swallowing therapy and other related speech and language therapies for your needs. From outpatient therapy to virtual therapy, we will make it happen for you and transform it into a comfortable treatment.

Call us today to find out how we can help you out and get the right evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment you need.

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