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Fort Monmouth Cerebral Palsy Speech Therapy

Cerebral palsy is a neurological problem that disables people from controlling their body’s movements and affects their overall gait. It is caused by a complication in their cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls a person’s motor functions. This complication may be brought by brain damage or due to abnormal brain development.

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Although it doesn’t threateningly affect one’s life expectancy, the way it is handled can be crucial because a person’s overall health function can either improve or deteriorate over time. Speech disorders, for instance, are common for people with cerebral palsy, and if it is not looked into at an early stage, it can affect not just their speech, but also the way they eat, drink and interact with people.

Fortunately, you can get quality and personalized speech therapy for speech disorders caused by medical conditions like cerebral palsy here at Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC. Our Fort Monmouth clinic is always ready to assist and provide you with customized cerebral palsy speech therapy to help you get back to your feet.

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Speech Disorders in Cerebral Palsy Patients

Traumatic Brain Injury TherapistSince cerebral palsy affects the brain’s control over the body’s movements, those who experience it cannot control their facial muscles, mouth, throat, and head.

This then leads to speech, eating, and swallowing problems. It can also cause excessive drooling and impede a person’s learning and interaction with others. If the patient has hearing problems caused by other complications, it will be harder for them to understand spoken language.

There are also certain speech disorders for patients with cerebral palsy that occurs depending on its type:

1. Patients with spastic cerebral palsy have to contend with slow oral movements—which will take a lot of effort for them to do. Their speech is also slurred and hoarse.

2. Athetoid cerebral palsy patients experience problems controlling their facial and tongue muscles. They are also unable to control their breathing, eating, and vocal skills. They are also prone to uncontrollable drooling.

3. Patients with ataxic cerebral palsy speak in a monotone voice and often come with a breathy sound. Their speech also stops every so often, and they find it hard to swallow.

With speech therapy, patients with cerebral palsy will improve their capacity to use their speech, communication, and muscle skills. It will help them speak, understand spoken language, eat, chew, and swallow. Speech therapy can also help them find new ways to use their language skills and express themselves. It also teaches them to become independent and confident with their skills, improving their quality of life.

Speech Therapy for Cerebral Palsy Patients

When you reach out to a speech pathologist to help patients with cerebral palsy, the speech pathologist will assess their condition by testing their physical and cognitive functions. Information such as case history, audiology tests, language, and cognitive tests will also be considered.

Once the assessments are done, the speech pathologist will determine the severity of the speech disorders experienced by the patient and create the right treatment plan for them. At Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, our licensed speech pathologists explain how these tests work and what the results are. We make it a point to make sure these tests are done in a comfortable environment so that the patient can act comfortably without feeling pressured.

Best Speech Therapy Exercises

Fort Monmouth Cerebral Palsy Speech Therapy adult speech pathology segment block 300x199There are a variety of speech therapy exercises that can be recommended by speech pathologists to help counter the effects of cerebral palsy on one’s speech, language, and cognitive abilities.

Some of the possible speech therapy exercises you can expect include:

1. Articulation therapy
2. Breathing exercises
3. Blowing exercises
4. Language and Word Association
5. Swallowing exercises
6. Lip, tongue, and jaw exercises
7. Assistive device recognition and use

Our dedicated specialists will explain what these therapies can do and choose the best one that matches the patient’s needs. We also accommodate virtual or home therapies if you prefer, or if the patient cannot visit our Fort Monmouth clinic.

Trusted Medical Speech Pathologist

Robert Kevlin, speech pathologistWhen it comes to standing against speech disorders, you should reach out to Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC.

Established by Robert Kevlin, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD® CERTIFIED, our Fort Monmouth, NJ speech pathology clinic is open to provide customized speech therapies and treatments to anyone who needs it, regardless of age, condition, and preferences. We guarantee that they will help you get back to your feet as best as possible despite your current condition.

Our founder Robert has been recognized for his commitment to helping people with speech concerns. He is always active in speech therapy innovations and solutions, making him one of the best speech pathologists in the country. He is also very active outside the clinic, exploring more about speech and language through voice acting.

With this amount of dedication and experience, you should consider us if you need someone to help you get your language skills confidently despite your medical situation.

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Fort Monmouth Cerebral Palsy Speech Therapy neuro logo 300x45If you want your loved ones who have cerebral palsy to live a normal life despite their condition, it is essential that you provide them with ways to cope. With speech therapy done by a trusted Fort Monmouth speech pathologist, they will be able to reach out to others and live independently despite their condition. You can also help them discover that despite their condition, they can live a normal life easily.

With help from Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, we can make it possible through our customized speech therapy sessions.

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