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Lavallette Parkinson’s Disease Speech Therapy

In the US, new cases of patients with Parkinson’s disease are reported each year, and they require immediate medical assistance.

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These patients are usually in their 50s and 60s, and the disease disables them from controlling their movements. As the disease progresses, it disables them from concentrating, sleeping, and even talking too.

At Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, we are dedicated to helping you alleviate the impacts of Parkinson’s disease to your cognitive and speech capacity and try to give you the opportunity to live a normal life despite the difficulty you’re experiencing.

We provide customized Lavallette Parkinson’s disease speech therapy sessions that are appropriate for your current situation. Plus, we give assistance to caregivers, private nurses, or family members who are taking care of the patient.

Since patients with Parkinson’s disease may find it hard to visit us at our clinic, we offer home or virtual therapy sessions. Our speech pathologists are ready to assist anytime, in whichever means you find comfortable.

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Speech Difficulties Experienced by Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Traumatic Brain Injury TherapistSpeech difficulty is very common in Parkinson’s disease patients. Studies show that around 75% to 90% of patients experience it through the course of the disease. Since it is a neurological disease, Parkinson’s disease affects the voice box, respiratory muscles, facial muscles, throat, parts of the brain that controls one’s speech, hearing, and voice processing, and your mouth’s roof.

Because of this, you may experience the following problems if you have Parkinson’s disease:

1. Reduced voice level
2. Monotone voice
3. Hoarse or strained voice
4. Breathiness when you speak, difficulty in speaking for a longer duration
5. Pronunciation difficulties
6. Slurred speech
7. Voice tremors
8. Rushed speech
9. Inability to use facial expressions

Dysphagia is also another problem in patients with Parkinson’s disease, which also affects their speech capacity. It can occur at any stage of the disease and worsen if it is not immediately checked with a speech pathologist.

The quality of one’s speech must be taken into account because it’s usually an evident sign that a person is experiencing speech problems. Severe speech problems that disable you from being understood usually happens during the succeeding years of acquiring the disease.

Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Lavallette Parkinson’s Disease Speech Therapy medical speech pathology segment block 300x199If you notice any abnormal changes to your speech or voice, don’t hesitate to go to a speech-language therapist or pathologist.

Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC is the best Lavallette, NJ speech therapy clinic because all the staff that it has are dedicated to helping anyone with speech, voice, and language problems, no matter what caused it or what age they are.

For Parkinson’s disease patients, our pathologist is LSVT LOUD® certified, which allows him to train patients in working on their voices. Aside from improving the state of your voice, our speech pathologist can also help you improve your communication skills, teach you assistive techniques that will enhance your communication and muscle exercises that will improve your movement and speech.

We also ensure that our services are accessible to many. No matter where you are in Lavallette, our clinic is always available for any therapy arrangement. Whether you prefer clinic visits or virtual therapy, we are always ready to deliver. We can also customize your treatments as you go to help you adjust to your situation more easily.

Experienced Medical Speech Pathologist

Robert Kevlin, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSVT LOUD® CERTIFIED, is the founder of Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC, a Lavallette top speech and language pathology clinic.

Robert Kevlin, speech pathologist

The company’s goal is to open opportunities for patients with speech and language disabilities to get the right treatment for their needs and help them get their confidence back.

Robert and his team have been recognized for their commitment to helping people with speech concerns by various institutions.

Robert himself is very active in the discussion circuit regarding the new things in speech therapy. He is also very immersed in learning more about speech and language because he also works as a voice artist for radio, theatre, and television.

He is also very busy collaborating with other speech pathologists to find more ways to help patients of all ages and conditions. He aims to make their therapies more comfortable to go through. This dedication guarantees security, comfort, and desirable results for patients who reach out to Neurorehab & Speech Healers, LLC.

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Speech difficulties are a great struggle to contend with if you have Parkinson’s disease. As the disease progresses, you will find it harder to communicate with the people around you, it will affect your life tremendously.

If you reach out to a trusted speech pathologist, you can find alternative ways to get past the challenges posed by the disease and still live life as normally as you can.

Let our Lavallette team of speech pathologists help you out, and we will explain to you how speech therapy can improve your situation.

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